August 17 – Play Ball

“Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”  Philippians 2:2

The body of Christ is like a football team. When it is of one mind and in one accord, it is scoring.

Your team has a Head Coach (Christ) who holds the time clock and sends in the plays.

The quarterback (pastor) delivers the plays in the huddle and passes the ball, but cannot play alone.

Running backs and receivers (laypeople) carry the ball and make the scores, with a fumble now and then.

Linemen (intercessors) start the action by hiking the ball, blocking the opposition, and protecting the quarterback. They are positioned in the center of play.

The team realizes it needs to play OFFENSE in order to score so, with the pressure on, it switches from defense and pushes past the line of scrimmage into enemy territory toward the goal line.

When the goal is reached, the team discovers that strong Christian character has been built and the game has been won!

So, do not sit on the bench (just observing), and keep off the injury list (allowing yourself to be offended by someone). Get in the game, and play ball!

PRAY: “Father, I am on Your team, and I would like to be voted ‘Most Valuable Player’ today. Give me strength to play ball with a team spirit, recovering my fumbles, and bringing You glory. Amen.” 


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