February 22 – A Prayer of Adoration

O Lord, my God,

There is no other name above You; blessed be Your Name, God of Jacob, Shepherd of Israel;

Holy unto Your Name; holy unto Your Name.

Praise, glory, honor and power unto You, O Lord, God of Abraham, faithful and true;

Holy, holy are You; holy, holy are You. “Son of Righteousness and the Lamb who was slain, “You are my Bright Morning Star;

You are the Beginning and the End. You are the Everlasting Father; You are the God of all glory; You are my Healer and the King of kings. You are my Deliverer and my Friend; You are the Sweet Rose of Sharon; You are all Love and all Power. You are Merciful and Mighty; You are the Redeemer of all mankind; You are the Lion of Judah.

You are the Ruler of this whole universe; You are the Most High Messiah; You are the Soon Coming King.

Holy, holy is Your Name; holy, holy is Your Name! Amen and amen.


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