July 4 – Liberty in the Spirit

“Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” II Corinthians 3:17

The founding fathers of the United States of America did not exclude the Judeo-Christian influence from politics and government. On the contrary: they relied upon biblical principles in creating this country. The Constitution they wrote guarantees freedom FOR religion, not freedom FROM religion.

The phrase “separation of church and state” cannot be found in the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson coined it in a letter written in 1802. In his 1805 inaugural address, Jefferson placed himself in line with the other founding fathers. They did not fear that the church would overtake the state; they feared that the state might establish a national church, which they felt would be detrimental to the Christian denominations established in the individual states.

As you celebrate this Day of Independence, be grateful to God for the religious freedoms you enjoy. This country was founded upon godly principles through the diligent efforts of God-fearing men. Its freedoms have been fought and died for on the battlefields of wars. Now it will take people like you to fight the good fight of faith and lift up America in PRAYER so that these precious freedoms remain.

PRAY: “Gracious Father, I thank You for the liberty I have in my heart through Your Spirit. Thank You also for the freedoms I enjoy in this country. Let the Light of Your presence bring healing to this land. Amen.”

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