July 9 – Buy the Truth

“Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding.” Proverbs 23:23(NIV)

Solomon exhorts you in this proverb to seek after the truth and wisdom of God… to do whatever it takes to legitimately acquire it, then to freely exercise it for the benefit of others. He VALUED the wisdom of God above all of earth’s riches and honor.

Remember, in I Kings 3:9, when God came to Solomon in a dream and offered to give him anything he would ask, Solomon requested God’s wisdom and the ability to handle truth to rightly lead the people of Israel? God was pleased with Solomon’s request, and Solomon became the wisest man in recorded history.

“BUY the truth,” the Scripture says. Anything of real value is going to cost you. It is often said, “You get what you pay for.” Just because God’s Word is free, do not ever think it is CHEAP! It will cost you…in TIME, in COMMITMENT, and in FINANCES.

People spend lots of money on vitamins and exercise programs to care for their physical bodies, but what about their spirit man? In Matthew 13:46, Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God as a “pearl of great price,” and that a merchant was willing to sell all that he had to acquire it. What are you giving up to follow Christ? What is it costing you? Is your relationship with God your most valued possession?

PRAY:  “Lord, I ask for Your wisdom, Your understanding, and the knowledge of Your truth. You are my treasure and that which I diligently seek after! Amen.”

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