August 10 – Spiritual/Civil Authority

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”  Romans 13:1

To disobey those in authority over you is to remove yourself from God’s protective covering. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians of the Roman Empire (an ungodly dictatorship in his time) and boldly emphasized the importance of an attitude of submission, compassion, and humility toward the government.

There are four areas of authority:

1)  CIVIL. National, state, and local governments have enacted laws for the welfare of its citizens.
2)  FAMILY. The husband is the head of the home; the wife is under him; then the children come under the parents.
3)  SOCIAL. You are under your employer’s authority; your baby-sitter is under your authority. Authority in the workplace is given to match job responsibilities.
4)  CHURCH. There are pastors with deacons and elders over congregations and sheep accountable to shepherds, each with different ministry and motivational gifts distributed by the Spirit.

God establishes authority to bring:

a) CONNECTION – unity, order, and fellowship.
b) PROTECTION – covering and security.
c)  CORRECTION – accountability and discipline.

PRAY: “Omniscient Father, You know this world system and my life need order to maintain proper balance. Thank You for Your perfect plan. Amen.”

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