February 13 – Faithfulness

“…be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Revelation 2:10c

Faithfulness is something YOU give to God. The word implies firm determination to “keep on keeping on!” God cannot make you to be faithful to His will and plan for your life. You must decide to be faithful and diligent in serving Him and giving Him all the glory due His Name.

Proverbs 28:20a: “A faithful man shall abound with blessings…”

Proverbs 13:17b: “…a faithful ambassador is health.”

Proverbs 25:13: “As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters.”

Proverbs 14:5a: “A faithful witness will not lie…”

Faithfulness is a much needed and appreciated virtue; yet, Proverbs 20:6b asks: “…but a faithful man who can find?”

Faithfulness transcends convenience, comfort, and equality. It requires one to give and love unconditionally.

God loves faithfulness! He even hands out rewards for the faithful. Psalm 31:23 says: “O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful…”

PRAY: “O Lord God, great is Your faithfulness!*  Every morning new mercies I see because of it. Help me to be faithful, too. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

*Lamentations 3:23 (paraphrased)

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