March 17 – Pressing Toward The Mark

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

Several athletically inclined members of Christian Retreat Family Church decided to participate in a 6.2-mile run across the newly completed Sunshine Skyway Bridge spanning Tampa Bay. It was a rigorous test of physical stamina, mental strength, and endurance. With a VISION of victory, they first had to endure moments of intense pain, overcome the constant urge to give up, and press toward the mark of completion at the finish line…in order to claim the prize of success.

Today is the day of another BIG RACE! It is a race for your soul. God provides the road map of His Word, outfits you in the latest equipment of His Spirit…and gives you a clear picture of the great prize at the end of the track. In addition to that, He gives you an infallible formula for successfully finishing the race, along with a promise that, if you follow the formula wholeheartedly, you will even WIN the race.

Get your equipment in order, study the course, and run that race PAST discouragement, sickness, financial lack, and spiritual decay. The prize is the promise of God’s blessing and eternal life. God wants you to be a WINNER!

PRAY: “Father of winners, I have not yet attained my goal, but I am running and reaching for it. Help me to forget past failures. Give me ‘second wind’ in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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