July 30 – The Apple of His Eye

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked who assail me, from my mortal enemies who surround me.” Psalm 17:8 (NIV)

God referred to Jewish Israel as “the apple of his eye” in Deuteronomy 32:10 and Zechariah 2:8. The “apple of the eye” refers to the eyeball, or the pupil in its center, that is protected by the eyelids. It is a symbol of that which is precious and protected.

Beginning with Abraham, God promised to multiply his seed and birth a great nation that would carry His blessing (Genesis 12:2). Then, with Moses, God led Israel out of slavery in Egypt and to the land of promise. God used Joshua to lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land. Every step of the way was marked with the miracle-working hand of God.

It was through Jesus, the Son of God, that the way was made for every man, Jew and Gentile, to receive this special favor and protection of God. Through Jesus, you choose to serve God from a decision of the heart and thus become a “spiritual” Jew. “But he is a Jew which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter…“ (Romans 2:29a)

PRAY: “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I pledge my devotion to You and thank You for Your promise of blessing and protection. Amen.”

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