November 12 – Motivational Gifts #7 – Mercy

“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7

We serve a God of mercy, who is “slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.” (Psalm 103:8) That is why God has placed in the body of Christ some who are specially gifted in MERCY. They are the HEART of the body and motivated toward the spiritual and emotional needs of others. They have a supernatural ability to identify and empathize with those who are hurting.

The “Good Samaritan” in Luke 10:29-37, defied the prejudices of his day to help the man in need, moved by a deep sense of love and compassion. The heart of a mercy- motivated person will actually attract people in need. They “feel” for the hurts of others and will aggressively defend them.

The Apostle John was the one who seemed closest to Jesus. He was mercy motivated and used the word “love” in his writings more than the other writers. At the last supper, he seemed most concerned about the predicted betrayal of Jesus.

If you are mercy activated, recognize your function in the body to bring care and healing. Embrace people and help them bear their pain, but be careful not to get in the way of God’s gentle dealings. Further, do not expect everyone to feel as deeply as you do. Remember, God has specially gifted you to function in the gift of mercy.

PRAY: “Merciful Father, You alone are able to feel and understand the hurts that this world brings.  Be strong in me to minister Your love and compassion to the needs of others.”

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