November 14 – Identify Your Friends

“Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and afoot out of joint.”  Proverbs 25:19

Picture yourself in this crisis… alone in a car on a remote country road. It is after midnight and you have just run out of gas. Fortunately, you are near a phone booth, but all you have in change is one quarter for one telephone call.


Suppose that you are not a member of AAA Road Service Club and that all your immediate family is overseas on a trip… NOW who are you going to call?

Your answer to this scenario may help you to identify your real friends. Can you name ONE who would gladly come to help you at midnight? Can you name FIVE?

You will qualify and identify your friends in three ways:

1) CHARACTER QUALITIES – honesty, integrity, love.

2) PRIOR EXPERIENCES – “How did they respond before?”

3) PROVEN THROUGH TIME – “How long have I known them?”

So, what kind of friend are YOU? How would you respond to a call from your friend at midnight?

PRAY: “Loving heavenly Father, You are the greatest example of a friend upon whom I can depend. Help me to be more like You as I broaden my family of friends.”

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