September 13 – Grandparent’s Day

Someone has designated the second Sunday in September as a day to honor grandparents… perhaps it was a greeting card company (smile). Anyway, it is a great idea, because grandparents are very special. In the eyes of their grandchildren, especially, they are:

G— generous
R— reassuring
A— amiable
N— nice
D— dependable

P — patient
A — admired
R — respectable
E — earnest
N — neat
T — thoughtful
S — sincere

When Paul wrote an encouraging letter to young Timothy, he said: “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois…”  (II Timothy 1:5a, NIV)

Where do you fit into this picture today? Are you the kind of grandparent described in the acrostic above, or are you the grandchild who honors your grandparents and desires to emulate their sincere faith?  Say a prayer for your grandparents or grandchildren today.

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